You've got Qs? We've got As

Q. What are you changing?

A. A lot on the outside, hardly anything on the inside. We all enjoy a makeover from time to time. For us, we needed a new look and a new name that better reflected who and what we are. We believe in snacks that are delicious and offer some nutrition benefits. We are Skinny Sticks® – a snack food focused on big flavor and low calories.


Q. Why are you changing the name? What was wrong with “Hi I’m Skinny™”?

A. Our old name was confusing. Is the food skinny? The brand? The customer? Isn’t “skinny” kind of a mean word? Are we shaming people who aren’t skinny? Our name became a distraction, so we decided to change it to better reflect our delicious snacks: sticks with a skinny shape. We kept "skinny" in our name after hearing that our fans didn't mind the word skinny as long as it referred to the snack.


Q. What else is changing?

A. Aside from the change to our name and design, we’re adding some exciting new flavors and discontinuing ones that weren’t well loved. There wasn’t anything wrong with us before per se, but we can’t wear the same old bag design forever!


Q. When is this change happening?

A. Our first bags should show up in stores in early March and roll out across the country over the next few months.


Q. Are your products still vegan? Kosher? Gluten-free? Whole grain? Non-GMO? 

A. Vegan? Yes. Kosher? Yes. Gluten-free? Yes. Whole grain? Some; to be considered whole grain, a food has to have 50% of its grain be whole grain and must have 12g of whole grain per serving. So, our Cinnamon Sugar Sticks are not whole grain since they are primarily made with sweet potato which is not a grain. Non-GMO? Some, yes. Our Sweet Onion Sticks and Jalapeno Lime Sticks are both certified non-GMO.


Q. What about your flavors?

A. We’re launching Skinny Sticks® with 4 unique flavors: Sweet Onion, BBQ, Jalapeno Lime, and Cinnamon-Sugar Sweet Potato. Let us know what you think!


Q. Where can I find Skinny Sticks® snacks?

A. Our product locator has the most up to date list of retailers who carry our products. Or, you can always find us at many Wal-Mart locations and on Amazon.


Q. Why are you discontinuing Mean & Green, Sweet Potato, and Sea Salt flavors?

A. We listened to feedback and heard that these flavors were just OK. We knew we could do better. We don’t believe in mediocre, so we’re ending these flavors and replaced them with new and more delicious varieties!  The good news is we still have four very satisfying flavor choices to choose from and we're already working on some more great flavors, too!


Q. Will I still be able to find Hi I’m Skinny™ anywhere?

A. Yes… in the bags labeled “Skinny Sticks®.


Q. Where can I find your products in Canada?

A. Skinny Sticks® snacks will be launching in Canada mid-2018. We'll be sure to announce more information when its available!